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Let’s Play is an initiative to promote sports to disabled people through a series of national events

British Wheelchair Basketball is the governing body for wheelchair basketball in the United Kingdom. In early 2015 they launched Let’s Play as a way to promote basketball, and several other sports, to people with various physical disabilities and learning difficulties.

A website was needed to promote the events and allow for online booking. The site had to be easy to administrate and cater for a wide range of people with differing requirements. We built a bespoke events system on top of WordPress which allowed events to be added to the site in seconds. In additional to the default visual style a high-contrast mode was included. The site can easily be navigated via the keyboard for those who struggle to use a mouse.

We made the site as easy to use as possible, whatever the situation of the user. Keyboard navigation works well and a high contrast mode is included.

Pete Clark
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