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Richard Petrie Optometrists were in need of an updated website that was mobile-friendly and easy to manage and update

The website needed to integrate with an external appointment booking system so patients would be able to book their appointments online and the staff wouldn’t need to take so many bookings over the phone. They were also keen to have a blog section that could tie-in with their social media.

One of the main goals of the new site was to increase online appointment bookings. The website received its first appointment booking within a few hours of the site going live and calls to action were strategically placed in the layout of the site to encourage patients to use the booking system. Another goal was to differentiate the business from high street chains. A new appointment walkthrough section was added to explain the process of an appointment (particularly helpful for nervous patients) and to highlight the extra care and service that the independent optician can provide.

The website went live at 5pm and we had the first online booking that evening. Unbelievable.

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Richard Petrie website on phone

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