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Is your brand consistent?

Consistency across your online and offline materials, strengthens the trust of your customers, here’s why

So you’re planning a new website or event, you’ve got a logo and you have arranged for the web design so that should be it, right? Well, not necessarily. Do you have a brochure, social media accounts, display banners and other supporting materials that show your business to your customers? If so, these need to be considered at the same time as the redesign of your website.

In the website design process, we are either given an existing logo and branding for the new design to work with or we create a new logo and branding. Either way, when we design a website, we create visual elements that go together to make the look and style of the site. The design process shouldn’t end there though.

If you use social media, are the headers of your account in line with your branding, do they need to have the same graphics as your new website design? Do you need call to action images to tweet about that fit in with the new website? How do your printed material, brochures, banners, adverts compare to your shiny new website? So many times, people concentrate only on the new website design and overlook their other materials.

So what does it matter if it all matches or not?

It’s not just designers who don’t like inconsistency (although it makes us very sad). There have been studies on how consumers react to consistent and inconsistent brand communications. Richard Rutter in his Ph.D thesis on Brand Personality and Consistency between marketing channels states “The literature and research suggests that consistent brands are stronger, and also suggests that stronger brands are more likely to be communicated consistently. They also provide benefits such as increased consumer attention (Freling and Forbes, 2005, p.406) towards the brand, creating stronger and more favourable brand associations.”

Consistency across your online and offline materials, strengthens the trust of your customers. They want to easily recognise your company and its messages whether on your website, a leaflet or your Twitter feed. Customer trust doesn’t come lightly, the latest Edelman Trust Barometer of 27 countries shows trust in business falling from 59% to 57%. With so much information and so many services available for consumers, having consistent interactions with your brand and recognising you easily is more important then ever.

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