Questions to ask web designers

Commissioning a new website can be a big job. You need to choose a web designer who you feel has the experience and ability to provide for all your requirements. Having a list of questions to ask your web designer should help you to find someone who will do a good job for you. Using these questions should also lead to a realistic quotation for the work.

Design and build

  1. Could you describe your design and build process to me? (See our example web design process for comparison.)
  2. Will the website use a content management system (CMS) so I can update it myself? What CMS would be used?
  3. Would you use and additional third party software (themes/plugins) in the construction and if so, what?
  4. Who would be responsible for transferring any content from my existing site into the new site? What would you charge for this?
  5. Will the site design auto adjust layout for varying screen sizes such as mobiles phones and tablets? (This is commonly referred to as responsive web design.)
  6. Which web browsers (and versions) will you use for compatibility testing?
  7. Will full copyright in all design, text, images and code be handed over to me on completion? If not, what elements will not be included? (This is likely to be third party software used in construction — this is quite normal.)
  8. What is your policy on fixing any errors I might find after the final invoice has been paid and my site is made live?
  9. Do you offer ongoing consultation?


  1. Who will host the site?
  2. What hosting environment will be used (Linux/Windows)?
  3. What is the monthly/annual cost?
  4. Is there a minimum contract term for hosting?

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